Smartphones are the most important devices in our lives. Not a day goes by without using them. Therefore, they deserve the best care, maintenance and repair. But, did you know that there are some facts about smartphone repair that are not only interesting, but will also blow your mind away. Mobilyf – the best mobile repair shop near Vancouver has done a thorough research in finding out the main causes behind smartphone mishaps.

Wondering what they might be? Read along to find out –

1. Water Damage

Majority of the smartphones mishaps happen due to water damage. Water entering into the earphone holes, inside the screen, etc. and disrupt the functions of the smartphone. This happens whilst cleaning the screen with a wet cloth, or the smartphone might have got wet in the rain, or it probably fell in the water. About 28% of the smartphone mishaps are due to water damage, from which, 8% is due to spilling water or any kind of liquid over the smartphones.

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2. Screen Cracking

Surely, we all have faced this at last once in a lifetime. The screen of your smartphone is another very common cause behind smartphone repairs. Even the slightest crack on the screen is un-bearable and we just can’t wait to get rid of that crack and get back a smooth screen for our smartphone.

3. Dropping

We all have ‘accidentally’ dropped our precious smartphone at least a hundred times during the first year. About 45% of the smartphone users ‘accidentally’ damage their smartphones. About 15% of the smartphone users are said to have dropped their smartphones from their laps. About 38% of the smartphones slip from the users’ hands. These cause glitches and damages, both internally and externally.

4. Durability

Most of the smartphones don’t even complete a year without getting any kind of glitches or damages, be it physical or technical, after purchase. If they do, then it’s a golden glory. An average person breaks his smartphone within 10 weeks of purchase. About 10% of the smartphone users claim to have developed internal or external mishaps in their smartphones in the first year itself.

5. Heating

Last, but not the least. In fact, this has to be a universal reason behind smartphone damage. We don’t think that there exist a smartphone that has never heated up. This happens when there are too many applications and files within the smartphone and the memory space is very less, or if you have been using your smartphone non-stop, or if a virus has corrupted it.

These facts mentioned above are from a survey done on smartphone repair by Mobilyf.

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Even a slight damage to your precious smartphone is nothing less than a heart break. Hence, it is very much important to take care of them and protect them well.