The new smartphones are coming without your precious and largely used headphone jack. But why is so? Is it just for the ease of customers or are there’s more to it? We decoded the mystery of the disappearance of headphone jacks in your smartphones. Truly is this a wave of the future?

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 1.    The Convenience Factor

This is what is widely spoken of when marketing the wireless tech. Most companies state that the convenience and efficiency of the user is the reason why headphones jacks are disappearing. Let’s discuss it further. Yes, it is convenient to use wireless headphones as the numerous minutes you spend detangling your wires are saved. These wireless headphones look classy and are very easy to use. Once you get used to this interface it is the most convenient one. The disappearance of the headphone jack has given birth to the most advanced technology is the smartphone market. It is portable and efficient to carry too. Hence, true that the disappearance of the headphone jack is convenient for consumers but there are underlying factors too.

 2.    The Space Factor

In this era where every inch matters in a smartphone, where companies are trying to make the seamless displays the space needed to make a headphone jack can be utilized in better that. Thin, sleek and delicate phones that you love to hold in your hands comes with a lot of thought process put into it, the sacrifice of the headphone jack is one such. The space needed to insert a 3.5mm headphone jack which was the used one would make the phones a little bulkier and not super thin. As time progresses companies are getting aware of the trend prevailing and eliminating the headphone jack to make more beautiful phones.

 3.    The Safety Factor

It is said by companies who are making these phones without headphone jack that by eliminating the headphone jack hole they can make a phone completely wireless. This is true as well. These new modern phones are being highly water-resistant and waterproof too. Hence, it’s not just about the looks but your phone is getting safer too by the headphone jack disappearing. Moving further it’s not just water that your phone is getting safety from but also other particles just as dust, small bugs/ants, etc. With this new technology is it okay if you spill your coffee over your phones as your phones can handle it better now.

 4.    The Profit Factor

It is not just the customers who are benefitted from this change. The companies are getting richer and richer with this disappearance of headphone jacks. Here you need to understand the concept of proprietary tech. By which I am trying to say that if you buy the latest iPhone (without the jack) you need to buy their wireless headphones too, not just that you need to buy their wireless chargers too to enjoy the full seamless wireless experience. By this, the companies are making millions by just selling you accessories made by them. Now some people contradict this by saying that you can buy other companies’ headphones or accessories too. So, is there a compulsion? I would say not a compulsion but a different issue comes up here. You can only enjoy the full features and functions of the wireless technology if the phone and accessories are made by the same brand. That is how you are engulfed by this ecosystem of proprietary tech by big brands. The story doesn’t end here and not does a huge profit-making scheme. Previously when smartphones were made, they used to come with the headphones along with it, you did not have to pay a single penny more but not the companies do not give complimentary headphones. Hence the production cost decreases by a good margin and the company continues to make a profit. This is why your headphone jacks are disappearing for good.

 5.    The Tracking Factor

Here’s a secret reason which most consumers don’t know as to why on a larger scale most smartphone companies are joining the bandwagon of wireless tech. It is known to almost everyone that giants like Google and Samsung are making million feeding ‘our’ data to thousands of companies. We know that they cannot access our data is we leave no trace of tracking that is often done by disabling Bluetooth and the Internet. Now, the toggle button you see in your control panels does not completely turn off the connection as you will already be connected to these wireless devices via Bluetooth, resulting in easier tracking. This way the user’s location and other data can be tracked which again is monetized at a huge scale. Would you like it if a man was snooking around you 24×7? I definitely would not. And so, the companies keep it a secret how this wireless device is used to track your every move and then that data is sold out in the market. Ever wondered when you speak about a certain product or walk past that shop, then come home scrolling social media and find the advertisement of the same product? How is that done? By tracking.

There you have it, the mystery decoded! Why is your headphone jack disappearing in the latest phones and now you know the answer to it? Judge it for yourself is it for the greater good? Or just another marketing gimmick forced onto the customers? Think about it!