A screen flicker is a constant irritation since the display causes immense headaches as the screen flickering messes up with your comfort. There may be several reasons behind the screen flickering of your mobile or PC, and some can be quickly deal with, while others require you to consult an expert technician.

The reasons behind a screen flickering in simple cases may be as basic as a loose wire connection or a complicated one such as wear and tear of the software over some time. Whatever the reason, maybe, Mobilyf – Cell Phone Repair Shop is here to disentangle the wires to your worries!

Below mentioned are the common problems to some of the reasons behind screen flickering:

1. Software Issue

Several apps are sometimes not compatible with the functioning of your device or are simply corrupted. It is also possible that the parameters of your device do not match with some of the existing applications. In such cases, it is an easy fix. All you need to do is check for an update. That’s it! Your issue gets fixed!

However, in some cases, when the problem seems to be persistent, it is most likely that you’ll have to take a visit to the expert who shall shed some light on the reasons behind this troublesome issue. You can also avail of free diagnostic services at Mobilyf and get your concern resolved by our technical experts.

2. Hardware Issue

When all means are tried and tested to understand the root cause of the particular problem – it may likely be a hardware glitch. Sometimes it is the display panel or the LCD screen by itself, which is mired with issues. Before you come to this conclusion, though, we would like you to go through the following steps:

  • Clear the Cache – this option is available on android devices only. Do note that this decision cannot be overridden once the action is prompted.
  • Delete Application – this step should be adhered to when the display flickers only while using that particular application. Despite the deletion, if the flickering persists, the cause then maybe an underlying hardware issue.
  • Reset the Display Settings – this resort needs to be considered when your display is facing a big issue. It may also be the case due to the auto-brightness mode setting. It is usually the culprit as your device needs to take a heavy load through the screen light sensor.
  • Restart Your Device – they say that restarting your device every once in a few days is the best option. The same goes with screen flickering too, in case your device is having several applications running in its background, it might be a lot of technical loads to handle. Restart your device to get it up and running.

Despite all the tested ways, if your device is perpetually tormenting your experience, it is time you give a visit to a technical expert, as DIY tutorials are unlikely to help you out. Technical aspects of a device are best left to the professionals. It will help you to get your issue resolved effectively and promptly. Ensure that you clearly explain the persisting problem to the experts as they will know what they have to look into and fix exactly.

If you’re in Vancouver, drop by our store – Mobilyf Cell Care, and have your issue resolved in a record 45 min! We are also one phone call away in case you are unable to visit us in-store, call us at 604-679-9549 and avail of our phone repair ambulance.