Almost everyone gets annoyed by a slow and sluggish phone. It is extremely annoying to use a smartphone that keeps lagging. Have you ever heard about smartphone etiquette? There are certain tips and ways to boost up your Smartphone’s performance. We at Mobilyf, have taken the responsibility to keep your phone new like so that it can last long with increased efficiency.

Hence, here we jotted down some ways which will increase your Smartphone’s performance:

1.   Clear the Cached Data

We cannot stress this enough how this simple task of clearing the cached data at regular intervals is beneficial for your phone. A small task many of us ignore but this alone can boast up a lot of your smartphone’s performance. Be it android or IOS each phone has an option to clear the cache. Do not install third-party apps for it (will discuss this further), go on to your settings, select a particular app and clear the cache for it. This will free up a lot of memory and will help function the phone faster.

2.   End App Running in the Background

When you open a lot of apps and keep on serving through them, a day or two passes by and you forget you used those apps. These apps keep running in the background eating up your memory. It is very crucial to avoid such hazards. Make sure after you use an app you end that instead of keeping it running in the background. This will ensure a very smooth performance of your phone.

3.   Update Your System’s Software

When a system update notification pops up most like either you select the ‘later’ option or ignore it. But there is a reason why companies keep providing you with security patches and system updates. Make sure your device is always updated to have a seamless and fast performance. This will boost up your smartphone on the next level, and software engineers make these updates in such a way that it meant to make your device perform better.

4.   Turn on ‘Data Saver’ Mode

Turning on data saver will compress certain pages but will definitely load the pages a lot faster. The downside of this is that you will lose image quality and audio quality. But for people who love speed and that comes the foremost this is a great option to quickly boost up the performance.

5.   Say NO to External ‘Task killers’

As already mentioned before external third-party apps that claim to improve your phone’s performance is a big no-no. Let me explain this further, when these apps run they tend to close everything that’s running in the background even certain system apps that keeps your phone steady. These system apps need to restart again and again, this consumes more memory than keeping it for the first time. Also, most of these free apps are filled with adware and tend to slow down your connectivity.

6.   Have a Clear Homescreen

Having multiple widgets on your home screen such as weather, stock board, etc are beneficial but it brings havoc on the battery as whenever you turn on your phone the battery needs to constantly supply these widgets to make them up and running with the latest information. Keep the home screen minimal to have long-lasting battery life. Instead you can use the original apps or search it out on search engines for information. This will help with a better performing device in general.

7.   Turn off Connectivity  

Connectivity here refers to not just data but also Bluetooth, NFC, GPS, etc. Turn these off when not on use. These will boost up your battery performance and also make the smartphone a lot less sluggish. Instead turn the developer mode on which will ensure your phone performs a lot better. These connectivity toggles also bring about a lot of adware which again is sometimes malicious for the device.

 8.   Disable unnecessary animations

Depending upon the launcher you are using, sometimes these external themes and launchers eat up a log of space and slow make the smartphone slow. For example having a live wallpaper or motion on your screen will take up a lot of your battery life. Not just battery life but it eats up the RAM too, as whenever you turn on your phone these apps auto-sync and start running which consumes a lot of RAM.

9.   Reboot your Device

If nothing else works, Reboot your device. It will instantly pump up your device. Not just an instant solution but we would suggest you reboot your phone occasionally for a healthy device that runs smoothly. At least once in a fortnight a device needs to be rebooted so that all the unnecessary things running in the background and close and your phone can rest for a while speaking metaphorically.

A slow smartphone can be way too inconvenient and irritating. Irrespective of the device, be it old or the latest model, these tips and tricks are bound to boost your performance level of the device.

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