A competition between Android tablets and Apple iPads has been there since a really very long time, and the competition between both has always been a tough one. Although Apple has gained more prominence than any other Android-based brand, also because Apple is the only iOS-based brand, the demand for Android-based brands such as Samsung, OnePlus, Nokia, etc., is no less. As much as both, the Apple iPads as well as the Android Tablets, have a strong competition and are widely loved, both of them have their own pros and cons too.

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  • The biggest strength of Android has to be the fact that you can choose from a plethora of brands, Samsung being the most famous and loved one.
  • Android has a special feature called “Widget” that allows certain small apps to run on your home screen, so that you do not have to open them.
  • The Google Play holds an ocean of Android-based applications made by app developers like Samsung and various other brands.
  • External storage
  • LED notifications
  • Personalization made easier with the help of custom layouts and themes.


  • Lack of supervision over Google Play with a lot of little-known apps.
  • Pirated apps in excess have damaged the Android platform. It is much easier to pirate apps on Android than for the iPad. Due to this risk, the app developers prefer building apps on iOS rather than on Android.
  • Some apps may face this issue while developing their top tier games which consume more time and resources to build.
  • Some apps may face un-stability as Android operating system is not always compatible with every single device.

Who Should Buy An Android Tablet?

An Android tablet is usually bought for 2 main reasons –

  1. To watch movies, play games, reading online or listen to music.
  2. To have a customized experience and make the best use of the tablet.

If you fall under either or both of these categories, then an Android tablet is your pick. Mobilyf recommends Samsung Galaxy S4, Google Nexus 7 and Kindle Fire as they will enhance your experience of streaming on Netflix, listening to music and reading good books. The customizations are definitely the cherry on the top. You can go to the ‘Settings’ and choose any option that adds on to your convenience.



  • The biggest strength of the iPad is the ecosystem of the iPhone.
  • The App Store has over a million applications that suit the wide display of the iPad.
  • The ecosystem also includes a deluge of accessories like tablet cases, external speakers, wireless keyboards, and a lot more.
  • You also get exciting features like hooking your guitar or piano to the iPad and using it as a miniature of the instrument.
  • The iPad is easier and more stable to use than the Android tablets. (Shocking, but yes!)
  • Apple eliminates the worst of the bugs by individually checking and approving each and every application. It is easier to destroy the bugs as Apple and IOS app developers have only very limited devices that they are supporting.


  • Since the Apple iPad is more stable and easier to use, the ability to expand and customizations are less.
  • Due to the approval process where Apple checks every single app before releasing it into the app store, many useful apps do get missed out.
  • The lack of Flash drive and MicroSD card support does not enable the storage to expand. Even though there are other features such as the external drives and the Dropbox, the absence of the MicroSD card is still a negative mark.

Who Should Buy An Apple iPad?

If you are someone who wants to experience features more than just devouring into the different kinds of media, then the iPad is a fantastic choice for you. Apart from watching movies, reading books, and listening to music, the iPad can also be utilized for making your own films, producing your own music, and also write your own journals. The iPad is also a perfect choice for those who are not tech-addicts and prefer simplicity in their gadgets, as the iPad is designed in a very user-friendly manner.

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There you go! This was Mobilyf’s quick guide that will help you choose better between Android tablets and Apple iPads.