iOS 13 sure had come with a bang, with its new privacy features, dark mode and a lot more updated and improvements. But, its payoff wasn’t has high as one expected. In fact, it was rather disappointing. Despite the fact that Apple still continues to fix the iOS 13 glitches and its technical and performance issues as well, we still hear the iPhone customers, who have upgraded from iOS 12 to iOS 13, complaining about the bugs recurring.

Mobilyf bring to you a quick guide to fix the common bugs of iOS 13 –


In case if your iOS installation gets stuck in the middle, you must be able to solve the issue by your own self. If you are unable to do so, then you must at least be able to perform a hard reset. On the older models of iPhone, you will have to press the power button and the home button together and wait until the device reboots. In iPhone 7, press the power and the Volume Down button until the device reboots. In iPhone 8, press the Volume Up button and release it. Next, press the Volume Down button and release it. Lastly, in iPhone X, press the Volume Up and Volume Down buttons together and then press the side button on the right edge of the device until it resets. In case if it is taking longer than usual, then you may wait for a while and the repeat the same processes respectively.


In case if your battery is draining out quicker than usual, then here are a few tricks that you might want to try in order to resolve the issue. Many iOS 13 users have complained about the abnormal battery drain, especially after they have upgraded their version from iOS 12 to iOS 13. Battery life issues are very common and normal after the new update of the iOS 13. But, some of these issues may also be related to the hardware, and some others to the software. In such situation, it is better to downgrade back to an older version of iOS 13, like the iOS 12. But before that, you must try to fix the issues by your own self.

Here a few things that you can do –

  1. Restart your phone.
  2. If your device is facing problems with the new iOS 13, update the version if an update is available. Make sure you read the reviews on the performance before you update.
  3. Check other applications, mainly the third party apps, may not adapt to the updated version and there are high chances that these apps are the main cause behind the battery drainage. You must monitor the performance of the apps.


If the applications are not the root cause for the battery drainage, then you can try resetting all the settings in your iPhone. This shall restore all the settings to the factory default status. It will also fix the battery issues, and all the other issues that your iPhone is facing.

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So, these were a few hacks to use if you are facing a battery drainage issue with your iPhone after upgrading it with the latest version.