Water and electronics have always been paralleled lines which are not supposed to meet at any cost. And even if they do, the quantity of water should be as minimal as possible. Often people opt for water in order to clean the screen of their phone or if in case they dropped something on it. However, one needs to strictly note that dipping your iPhone in water or wiping it with a cloth that is over-drenched with water is not going to clean it, rather it will enable the water to get inside the iPhone through the charging point, earphone hole or the other open spots. This would in returns do more harm than good to your iPhone.

The mobile phone speaker repair in Vancouver claims that the majority of the iPhone speaker glitches happen due to water entering into them and disrupting the entire system from within. They have carefully outlined a quick fix guide that would repair all the mishaps cause by water in the iPhones.

The biggest damages caused by water in the iPhones are –

  • It would not switch on
  • It would not charge
  • The speakers would not work
  • The screen is water-damaged

Here is a primary guide on salvaging your wet phone in case you dropped it in water–

1. Switch It Off Immediately

By doing this, the chances of your iPhone developing a short circuit will reduce.

2. Remove The Cover/Case If Any

By doing this, the water would not be trapped anywhere into the iPhone.

3. Remove The SIM Card/Memory Card Trays

Water can be trapped in them as well. Take them out and wipe them as well, including the SIM and memory cards

4. Wipe The iPhone

Take an absorbent cloth and wipe the entire phone. Roll it around a toothpick or a pin or a needle and insert it into the charging port, earphone jack and the SIM card and memory card space to wipe out the excess water.

5. Keep The iPhone Aside To Dry Out

This is the most crucial step. Post wiping your phone, you must keep it aside in a dry and cool place, such as under a fan, without turning it on for as long as possible. It is highly recommended by the experts that the iPhone should be kept under the fan and away from the sunlight.

Dis-mantling your phone on your own is restricted as you may cause more harm than good due to inexperience. It is always a wise option to choose an expert like the best smartphone seller in Vancouver to perform the further refurbishment on your iPhone.

There you go! This was a quick and easy-to-do guide for water damaged iPhones.