Your smartphone gives an instant response to every tap and functions very smoothly. But as the time passes, even the smartphones began to age. If your android phone has become sluggish over time, it is time you boost its speed. Mobilyf Cell Care – The Best Mobile Repair Shop Near Vancouver have come up with quick tips to boost the speed of your smartphone.

So, before you decide that it is time to buy a new phone, you need to read the following guide –

  1. Delete/Disable The Unused Apps

You probably have a lot of unwanted apps that are installed by the smartphone manufacturer. These apps cover a lot of space in the memory of your phone. The Smartphone Repair Vancouver highly suggests that you should take a tour in your phone and delete all the unused or unnecessary apps. If I case you are not able to delete them, then you can go into the ‘Settings’ of your phone and DISABLE them.

  • Remove The Widgets

Widgets are an interesting feature in the Android smartphones. They allow you to interact with the app without actually launching it. They are placed on the homescreen. As much as they simplify your work, they equally consume a lot of space in your phone. It is better to delete widgets and launch the actual app to do your work.

  • Clear The Cache

Lastly, but most importantly, you need to thoroughly clear your cache time and again. Junk files that are stored in the cache when you download a new app or visit a new website. They interfere with the performance of your phone and make it very sluggish. Clearing the cache not only boosts the performance of your smartphone, but also gives you more memory space. Clearing the cache should be done once every month. You can do this yourself by going into the ‘Settings’ app, click on the ‘Storage’, then click on ‘Clear the Cache’ option. We highly suggests that these 3 tips must be followed on a regular basis in order for your smartphone to function with proper efficiency and speed.