Smartphones have instigated global changes. From the time Steve Jobs introduced the first Smartphone, aka iPhone in 2007, the world has not been the same. Not just the phone and technology market, smartphones have impacted almost all walks of life. Be it in the education field, health or our social lives. Mobiles, especially smartphones have reinvented our cultural norms and have changed individual behavior. Surveys show that smartphones are most likely the last thing you see before falling asleep and the first thing you check after waking up. Even during the day, you are bombarded with notifications about various things. Smartphones are definitely useful, but it is not all sunshine and no rain. Smartphones are changing the world for good and bad.

Let’s look at some areas where smartphones have completely revamped our world and are continuing to do so –


As we all already know, smartphones brought the world of information at our fingertips. Whatever doubts we have, we are most likely to get our answers on Google. Not just these, but various other books, libraries are accessible from our smartphones itself. Everyone may not have access to a computer always at hand, but these tiny devices called smartphones act almost like a mini-computer and get the job done.

Human Interaction and Connection

Smartphones are definitely making human interactions more viable and accessible. But on the other hand, human connections are getting lost somewhere. Now, distances are no longer a hassle. Be it states apart or countries apart, the faces of your loved ones are just a video call away. But when we are sitting with our family, most of us are on our phones. That connection is weakening. Smartphones are a boon as well as a bane in this regard.


Media and journalism have been more realistic and closer to the audience than ever with the use of smartphones. Their cameras make a perfect choice to capture moments and present them on media. Most importantly, we see a lot of crime videos and snippets of injustice going around. This footage is taken by various teams of journalists and is showed to the world. All the time, the field journalist may not be able to reach the spot of accident instantly. But some person or the other takes the footage of it on his phone and presents it on the national media.


Smartphones have brought the world closer indeed but it has its perks. Surveillance and data theft are some of the major concerns of smartphone users these days. When connectivity brings you close, it brings the advertisement marketing even closer. Often, we see ads pop up on our phones about brands or shops that we just passed through. Why does this happen? Because our phones are being tracked multiple times in multiple ways. Bluetooth, GPS, etc collect our geographical data and sell it to marketing giants for millions. The marketing world has been reinvented because of surveillance.

Cyber Crime

Cybercrime has reached heights with the advent of smartphones. It is has become very easy to capture and upload private and inappropriate videos with the help of smartphone cameras. Nowadays, these companies boast about high-resolution cameras which takes HD pictures and videos. But often and again, these cameras are misused for other illegal practices too. Not just these, but hacking is now possible on the phone itself, this again promotes cybercrimes. On the other hand, reporting cybercrimes has been made easier too with these smartphones. It is visible that a smartphone is a very powerful device, capable of both good and bad both. It comes down to what kind of user is behind those screens.

Mental Health

Mental health has kept on deteriorating with the advent of smartphones. It has become very easy to promote online hatred via mobile phones. Social media is cool, till it raises inferiority complexes in youngsters and promotes unattainable standards of beauty and unrealistic living expectations. These lead to tremendous peer pressure and have pulled a lot of people into the dark. We see more surge in mental health issues in the late 21st century when phones became accessible to everyone and anyone. Recently, we saw Google launching different applications to tackle these mental health issues and also reduce screen time usage. Most of us spend a lot of time on our phones and aren’t being productive.

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These were certain ways where Smartphones are changing our world. Sometimes for the greater good and sometimes decreasing the actual quality of life.