On continuous usage, your phone might get extremely hot. This thought might have occurred to you multiple times, but why does it happen. Is it overheating or is it simply hot because of the physical conditions? This is the question you need to ask yourself first. Here, you will find the entire guide to phone overheating, from what is it? Why it happens and how to resolve it.

Let’s get on with it –

• What is Phone Overheating?

We believe that to solve any problem, it is necessary to understand the problem. The first step to solve the overheating problem must be understanding what overheating means. Is it only when your phone gets a super-hot? Well partially yes. When your phone’s central processing unit is overworked, it drains out the battery, at the extreme, it melts down the entire system that is when we say “Your phone is Overheating”. Overheating can be caused by faulty hardware and can also be triggered by software glitches. It is an internal problem and by following certain smartphone etiquettes this can be avoided.

• Why/When Does the Phone Get Overheated?

In a nutshell, too much of phone usage can overheat a phone. But there are other underlying reasons to it too. First of all, and the most common reason is when your battery gets super worked up due to various reasons and drains out drastically, it cannot handle the immense load put on to it and heats up as a warning sign before an entire system meltdown. Another very pressing issue can be when you have a lot of apps running in the background, this makes the phone sluggish and also makes it hard for the processor to work, as a result, the phone heats a lot and even automatically shuts down. Apart from these, your phone also overheats if you use it constantly, like some people are always on their phone, especially some mobile gamers, using high graphics applications. This drains out the battery super quick and also consumes a lot of RAM, in return the phone gets extremely hot and the entire system overheats. Or, if you are a social media addict and always glued to your phone, you might observe your phone slightly heating up, this is also a form of overheating which most tend to ignore. This will damage the phone in the long run. Not just these, there’s another reason why your phone might overheat, and I can bet most people out there do not acknowledge it. Do you keep the charger plugged it even if it is 100% and use it simultaneously? Well, most that leads to extreme overheating and damages the phone internally. Overcharging leads to overheating your phone.

• How to Fix the Overheating issue?

Now that we know all about overheating and why it happens, the question arises on how to stop it? Resolving an overheating issue ain’t rocket science. It just needs some regular healthy phone habits, a dash of patience and a pinch of not so common, common sense. There’s two-part to this: first is the precautionary measure as to how to avoid overheating the phone and the second being what to do instantly when your phone is overheated and how to stop it then and there.

• Limit your phone usage

Getting into the details, the first way to keep your phone from overheating is by keeping yourself away from it. Yes, you read that right. Do not be on your phone 24×7. This gives your phone’s central processing unit time to recover from the worked-out memory and prepares it for the next span of usage.

• Close the unused background apps

As discussed earlier, having too many apps running in the background makes your battery work harder and generates more heat, Close the unused background apps frequently to avoid overheating. Bonus tip: This will also ensure longer battery life and better working memory. Did you know that having your phone’s brightness at the maximum, or super high makes the battery overwork and heats the phone?

• Turn the brightness down

To avoid overheating, the reasons are as same as the running of background apps. Lowering your brightness will ensure your phone doesn’t overheat. Keeping the brightness at max drains out the battery drastically. A new hyped game in the market is sometimes to instigating and more so when you and your buddies do not keep that phone down and keep playing.

• Tone down that gaming

As discussed earlier, this causes a phone to heat a lot. Even if you aren’t a gaming person but more of a binge stream kind of person.

• Tone down that binge-watching on your phone.
Binge-watching your favourite episodes can wait for some time, until your phone gets a little rest. Sometime it may not be your fault, certain bugs and OS issues get the phone overheated.

• Update the OS

OS can sometimes malfunction. Hence, Update the OS and report the bugs (if any). Now comes the biggest issue of all: Malware. Even though the above-discussed issues can cripple your phone, they aren’t as dangerous as Malware. Since malicious apps are usually unoptimized pieces of code, they hog your phone’s CPU and memory, throttling them and generating a lot of heat.

• Get a security software

To prevent such an issue, get a security software on your phone. These were a few tips and tricks on how to avoid over-heating in the first place.

Get on to instant methods of cooling the phone down. By instant methods, I do not mean or suggest to keep your smartphone is a refrigerator to cool. That doesn’t help and that is not how things work out. It will be a sudden temperature change and will do more harm than good to your phone.

A quick guide of instant fixes –

• Remove your phone case/cover
• Turn off unnecessary settings like Bluetooth, GPS, NFC, etc.
• Turn off the charger
• Fan off your phone or blow it
• Separate your phone from other Devices
• Keep your phone on Air-plane mode
• Do not turn on your phone instantly if it shuts down from overheating

You may go ahead with the precautionary measures first, as they say “Prevention is better than cure”. Follow these simple smartphone etiquettes to avoid such hazards to a super-hot phone. “I like my cup of coffee to be super-hot, but definitely not my phone.” Jokes apart!

Hope this phone overheating guide has helped you enough. Now, you know what to do when your phone gets super-hot, even better you know how to prevent it.