Schools are back in action now- but we are already exhausted so as are laptops, even though we have managed to finance a MacBook having extra RAM and storage, the spaces fill up really quickly with your school’s Zoom meetings, e-books, power points, study materials and many more when it’s not the storage spaces that lags but the slackening PC which makes you struggle with the slow hard drives, apps not responding and many more. What do you do? When during the pandemic most of the repair shops are closed, how do you manage to get your favorite tech back to life?

Here are some tips that you can follow to bring your pc back into action

  • Keys Replacement
  • New Hard Disk
  • Screen Replacement
  • Not Ready for The Spill

1.Keys Replacement

Sometimes keys of your favorite keyboard fall out or loosen. Many a time these repairs require simple determination and patience instead of a highly trained tech expert. All laptops come with a product manual that guides us with how to replace the keys in simple steps. Try finding a proper workspace at your place and fixing the keyboard keys before you happen to lose them.

And if you are not able to figure out the right way, drop your device at our store to experience the service that you can count on!

2. New Hard Disk

The Hard drive stores all your favorite pictures, important files, and much crucial information. What do you do when your disk goes wrong or breaks? You go to visit your reliable repair expert; little we know that our techs Hard drive and SSD stores codes for the operating system and guidelines for the internet browser and many more.

3.Screen Replacement

Oh No! Your screen cracked and needs a replacement, try finding the best repair shop near you, once your screen gets replaced make an effort to invest in buying a screen protector.

4.Not Ready for The Spill

When you knock off your drinks over the screen, you need to be quick and follow the steps as unplugging the power cord, lightly dap the cotton to absorb the moisture such that the liquid doesn’t seep into the smaller gaps present around the keys in the keyboard, lastly flip your laptop and lean it over support so that you do not drop it while the screen is facing down. If the screen does not respond yet, try stopping by Mobilyf Cell Care, we have our experts ready to solve all your issues and provide you with the best possible services.

We hope that you do not struggle with your broken devices, give us a call or stop by to enjoy the quality service.