All hell breaks loose when you drop your iPhone. While iPhone was notoriously known for its brittle screen which would break with the slightest application of pressure, Apple has now successfully reworked its screen glass. Despite that, it is out of sheer luck that you might have a broken iPhone screen.

Before you google, iPhone screen repair near me and shell out your money, try these following tips to save yourself from a sour day.

Well, you need not worry as we have it all covered for you. While these tips are mainly for an iPhone user, it is but obvious that these tips apply to all cell phones in general.

1. Own a Sturdy Phone Case

No surprises here. But what we ought to look at is the types of phone case which offer different levels of safety to your iPhone from screen replacement. All-rounded protection from a wallet case, also known as flip covers, is the best candidate to save your iPhone from the worst-case scenario’s eventualities. This case would protect the front and back glass; it would also protect the antennas placed on the side of the iPhone from damage. Basically, it is your go-to friend. Although you might find its bulkiness to be intimidating, this case shall rest the case from the upcoming contingencies.

Another alternative you can consider just in case if you find the flip covers to be too bulky – Phone covers. They come in varying thickness modes and colors. They not only offer good looks in terms of their funkiness, but they also provide decent protection to the edges and back glass. You may want to consider using these as they have a gallery of colors, sizes, looks, and materials up for grab.

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2. Tempered Glass

This is one of the best ways to protect your screen from scratches and also to give your iPhone a buffer zone from cracking. Tempered glass instead of a flimsy plastic screen is always a better option to consider. Tempered glass also helps you to retain the original feel of the cell phone without introducing it to any drastic changes – look and feel-wise.

There are several instances where the tempered glasses have been broken but have successfully saved the precious iPhone screen from cracking. You might want to consider this as an investment worth every penny you have. Also, the cost of tempered glass is pretty reasonable to own. Treading caution too is always necessary; you would definitely not want to take your iPhone for a negligent ride just because you own these protective gears! The minor knocks your iPhone faces every now and then results in the development of small micro fractures across the screen. Avoid these situations to the fullest extent.

3. Get a Strong Grip

Among the other popular, the most happening thing right now is the pop-socket. These colorful plastic creatures will help you to get a grip on your iPhone like never before. You can now dangle your iPhone in whichever direction you prefer as you lay down lazily to watch a video. To put it in plain words – pop-socket acts like a ring holder for your iPhone. It lets you take selfies like a pro and it also allows you to place your phone on a surface as you binge on streaming video platforms. There are multiple styles available in various colors and designs. With pop-sockets, you can now avoid dropping your iPhone in uneventful situations such as slip from the hand. This is because it helps you to achieve a superior grip as you slide your fingers around the socket. If you are into experiencing different styles based on your mood, you can also opt for pop-sockets that are swappable.

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