Oops! Did you just drop your iPhone? Did that thud sound give u a mild heart attack?
Well, you’ve chosen the right page, if the above sentence sounds familiar to you.

Let us talk over what to do when your iPhone screen gets cracked?

Now that your iPhone screen is indeed shattered, let us walk you through some smart steps to manage the damage.

Assess the Amount of Damage

Act with care as small shards of glass may add a finger cut to an already less than ideal situation. Look for the amount of damage your device has.

Is your iPhone screen cracked, or is it utterly shattered? It is also crucial to know whether the screen itself is damaged, or only the protective glass. Does your touchscreen work? Are your applications running normally? Is there any damage to the LED screen? Look for the dark spots.

Now that your iPhone has web cracks on the screen, remember your device is now vulnerable to gunks and moisture, which can affect the long-term working of your phone.

In short, A cracked screen can have longer-drawn impacts on your phone.

Know the Kind of Screen You Want

You need to understand from your dealer the type of screen your iPhone supports.

Let us know the type of screens available

OEM Pulls

It is affordable, but not a good idea to buy as it does not offer a good life to your phone, and the difference can be felt like the touch is not smooth, navigation becomes uneasy and sensor problem pops up.

Refurbished Screens

The refurbished screen guarantees a genuine and original functioning screen and an authentic touch experience. The newly developed color scheme in the refurbished screen makes it a better choice over OEM Pulls.

Call in the Professionals

You can go for foolhardy DIY routes to fix your iPhone screen but remember that you can easily buy the screen fixing kits online but not the hours of a hundred professional experts.

You may cause accidental damage to the inner components of your iPhone while you were being brave to try some DIY routes. At last, you would end up calling the experts

So why not holler your favorite tech professionals, at mobilyf, we allow easy bookings to your need. In addition to repairing your shattered phone screen, we also specialize in battery replacement, water damage, Mac repair, and a whole host of other issues.