Phones are an essential part of our lives, and to make sure they last longer without any damage or errors we need to protect them and take care of them, be it internally or externally. External damages like water sloshes or dead batteries can paralyze the usage on your phones while internal damages by viruses and overused RAM can destroy it slowly internally. That is why we have laid down here a few steps and measures that you can take to protect your smartphone externally and internally.

Here are a few steps –

1.    Get a Protective Gear

Prevention is always better than cure. Following the same, it is always advisable to get a phone cover, screen guard and other such protective gear to keep your phone protective. When your phone drops, if there is some sort of protective gear on it, it won’t cause as much damage as the bare phone would have. Most of the time we have seen, when there’s a screen guard onto the smartphone, the actual screen doesn’t crack instead of the changeable screen protector cracks which are available at a fraction of the price of the original screen replacement cost. To save you some bucks in the future make sure your phone has some sort of protective gear on to your smartphone at present.

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2.    Avoid Water and Extreme Temperatures

Putting your phone in water may result in an entire short circuit of the system. Then not only it will damage all the internal parts but also is a risk to you as the electricity freely flowing can catch on you. Similarly, a phone which is constantly over-heating may explode. It is not uncommon as we have previously witnessed accidents where the phone overheated and exploded. This can be because of a faulty handset or even can happen if proper care of the device is not taken. Do not expose your phone to extreme temperatures; while you are sunbathing on a beach your metal body phone may not quite appreciate it. The point here is: physical environment can also affect the performance of a phone and it is advisable to take a little care in those aspects.

3.    Take Care of the Battery

With the passing of time, the battery is bound to have lesser efficiency as the day passes but with a little care and following the proper guidelines by the manufacturer may increase its longevity and a good performing battery will ensure the proper functioning of your smartphone. Apart from the manufacturer guidelines, certain things can be kept in mind to care for the battery. Try not to over-charge a phone. Plug it on for charging when the battery almost runs down, once fully charged try use it up, and when the battery falls only then again plug it in. Turn off your phone if you see your smartphone is heating up (generally happens because of excessive gaming or long-time usage of high-performance applications), allow it to cool down completely then Restart. One mistake we all do if not shutting down our phone from time to time, and you may not know but the apps keep on running in the background eating up your battery. So, try shutting down your phone from time to time to ensure good long-lasting battery life.

4.    Clear the Cache

Installing and using the latest application is fun. But did you know that when you install or uninstall an application it leaves behind unwanted junk files as ‘Cache’, even keeping an app running for a long time in the background accumulates cache files? These take up a lot of memory space which can be utilized in better ways. Many of us don’t know this that the more space memory has it will run more smoothly without the occasional lagging. Clearing up Cache files from time to time will ensure that your phone doesn’t slow down and you can carry on with your fast-paced life without a hindrance.

5.    Security Software

The virus destroys your phone internally. It makes the phone sluggish and most of the time won’t allow certain apps to run, these applications may even be the necessary ones and hindrance in them will cause trouble in everyday life. To avoid situations when your phone stops all of a sudden in the middle of some important work make sure your phone is backed up by some sort of security software. In times as of today, sharing data is an essential part of our lives but often than we realize this sharing of data may bring about malware and viruses onto our devices. To refrain from such incidents Best practices would include not installing an unknown software from not so credible sources, (there is a reason for app stores, appreciate that) and also install some quality security software.

6.    Keep it Clean

Cleaning it internally or externally ensures that your phone is clean both ways. You may not realize but your smartphones catch a lot of bacteria and dust particles on to it, clean it often with a microfiber cloth. Too much dust and your phone’s performance may dropdown. Therefore, keep it clean always. A lot of times there are a ton of unwanted files and applications that we rarely use are on our devices. Clean them up. If you don’t need a certain thing is your phone at the moment but may need later, use the cloud services and back them up. Delete unwanted files. What you don’t use you don’t need to keep on your device.

After reading these ways to protect your phone, you will have a clean-up and running device both internally and externally. The aforementioned ways are all very credible and have been used all over the globe.

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